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ASV-ME Panthera

Base Vehicle:
Toyota LandCruiser 79-series Pick-up Truck
Model Year:
Engine Model:
4.2L Diesel Turbo Intercooler (Petrol Option Available)
5-speed Manual
2+5 to 2+10 depending on seating layout/specifications
Customer’s Choice
Body Type:
Light-Armoured Personnel Carrier
Protection Level:
CEN1063 and 1522 BR6/BR7
NIJ Level III – APR2006 Level 7 Floor defeats fragmentation grenades and land-mines

Interior Features:

  • Dual Air-Conditioner
  • Modular seating arrangement with choice of bench-seats, flip-up seats, slung seats or blast-mitigating seats for the crew compartment
  • Emergency stretcher and first-aid kit
  • Choice of communications, surveillance/monitoring, electronic counter-measure equipment
  • Driver/Commander and Crew ares can be tailored to specific requirements
  • And Many More

Exterior Features:

  • 16×8 steel rims (option: split-rims) with fun-flats
  • Tow-bars, jerry-can holder, tool-boxes, shovels, sand-ladders etc
  • Remote-controlled roof-mounted search lights and search camera
  • Options of roof-mounted gun-turret, side and rear gun-ports, roof hatches etc
  • Option of roof-rack
  • And Many More
Note: Specification levels may vary depending on the Grade and specific model, and may change without prior notice.OEM specifications will be carried over where applicable.